Under House Arrest? Try These Makeup Hacks At Home Now!

Is being under house-arrest driving you crazy? Are you missing going out, exploring new beauty products and trying them on yourself? Being in lockdown for 21 days is difficult, but while being at home you can have lots of fun, and if you are a lover of makeup, then you can try these makeup hacks.

Here are The Top Makeup Hacks you Must Try Now

1. Make Lipstick Stay on your Lips Longer

This trick works really well. Simply, put on a coat of lipstick and then lay a tissue across your lips. Then all you need to do is dust some translucent powder on to make the lip colour set so that it stays on your lips longer.

2. Apply Perfume Properly

Many people have this habit of spraying perfume all over their clothes. But doing that will make you smell like a perfume factory and then it will wear off quickly. You should always apply perfume to your pulse points to make the fragrance stay longer.

3. Make Your Eye Shadow Colour to Pop

If you want your eye shadow to stand out and pop, use this trick. You simply need to apply white eyeliner all over your eyelid and then apply your favourite eyeshadow. The white shade will help in intensifying the colour and enhance your eye makeup.

4. Perfect Winged Eyeliner Tip

Threading isn’t just for your brows. You can turn a thread into a stamp for the perfect straight line by using liquid liner as paint. Doing so will help you have the perfect wing every time.

5. Eyelash Glue Application Tip

Applying eyelash glue can be really tricky. You can make it easier, simply put the glue on a bobby pin, and use the tip of the bobby pin to apply the glue for a more even, easier and quicker application.

6. Make Lip Gloss at Home

Do you throw away your broken eyeshadows? Well, don’t do it from next time because you can turn them into lip gloss. Crush the eye shadow into a fine powder and mix it with petroleum jelly to make a colour lip gloss that you like.

7. Contour with Creamy Eyebrow Pencils

Now, you can contour using your creamy eyebrow pencils. Mark the areas that you want to contour using a dark-coloured creamy eyebrow pencil. You can then easily and quickly smudge and blend the makeup to give a perfect contouring look. Finish the look with a highlighter on your cheekbones, the Cupid’s bow and the centre of your forehead.

8. Have that Perfect Pout for Your Selfies

Sitting at home and clicking selfies? Well, have that perfect pout in your selfies. Take your lip liner and use it to draw an “X” on your upper lip. Then apply your lipstick, using that “x” as a guide. This way, you will get the perfect pout.

9. Get that Mascara off Your Upper Eyelids

Don’t you hate it when your mascara gets on your eyelids? Here’s a trick- Take a spoon and hold its rounded part against your upper eyelids when you apply your mascara. This way, the excess mascara will not go on your eyelids but onto the spoon.

10. Curl Your Eyelashes Quickly

Now you can curl your eyelashes faster using your hairdryer. Heat your eyelash curler using a hairdryer and allow it to cool a bit. Then, use it as you normally would. The heat will set the curl and so it will last longer.

Try these makeup hacks at home and have fun while you are at home. Stay safe, stay happy! 

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