Dear Prospective Student,

Thank you for taking the time to review our program. Please do take a moment to review our Frequently Asked Questions below which Makeup Studio Training Centre has launched with you in mind. We cater to those who are truly passionate about the art of makeup. We take tremendous pride in our program and are delighted that you’re considering our school. After reviewing our FAQ’s, please do not hesitate to contact our admissions office with any further questions that you may have. We look forward to speaking with you.

Thank you!

We allow up to 12- 15 students per session. We know the importance of personalized attention in making you a successful artist.

We offer extensive training in advanced techniques of make-up in a creatively stimulating fun environment. Students are trained by some of the best make-up artists in India and abroad. We have also been able to keep fees low because of our kit set up.

We help all graduates to get the right opening of their choice. Our reputation, in the
entertainment and fashion industry certainly helps. We also give step by step guidance on ways to establish one’s own business. Many of our students have received offers even before graduation.

Our courses are open to anyone who has completed school(12th). No previous experience is needed for the Level 4 course. However, previous experience is required for level 2 & 3 along with short courses.

Make-up studio training centre is accredited with VTCT. You will receive your DIPLOMA after VTCT examiners asses your skill. Recognition and acceptance through internationally recognized certification will surely play an essential role in shaping your career.

It is beauty industry’s oldest awarding body. MSTC issues certificates that are both nationally and internationally recognized. Most importantly the standards for certification are set by HABIA, the UK Government’ body for setting standards for hair and beauty industries. Our courses are designed, delivered and assessed to meet these rigorous requirements set by the awarding body.

You can take up a career in music, advertising, cosmetic houses, fashion, film, TV, as skin care experts, magazine cover shoot artist, and airbrushing specialist. Finally, our courses offer students the opportunity to work as fashion designers, fashion stylists, image consultants etc

We work with each student on an individual basis and thoroughly explain and structure test shoots that you will take part in to build your portfolio. This includes on set etiquette and conduct, and most importantly the images you intend to start your portfolio off with, and how to constantly improve them. We pass on all work that comes into our agency to suitable graduates for that job in particular.

We welcome our students to stay in touch and are always on hand for support and advice covering all areas of their careers.

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