Founder’s Message

Rienk Koopman


Ravi Mittal


Today, we have access to the best make-up products, grooming accessories, cosmetics and technology in India. The opportunities for make-up artists are growing, thanks to our booming film, TV, theater, fashion and advertising industries, For the ordinary citizens, there are thousands of beauty parlours and salons, each professing better skills and facilities. There is a huge potential in the make-up artistry scenario waiting to be tapped.

Make-Up Studio Training Center (MSTC) was started to meet the growing demand for well-trained make-up professionals. Here, we use the products of Make-Up Studio and a faculty comprising some of the leading names in make-up artistry of India and Holland. MSTC is a joint venture between Make-Up Studio (Globally renowned brand of high quality professional make-up products, manufactured in Holland and preferred by professionals in more than 50 countries) and Ekta Cosmetics Ltd., New Delhi (exclusive distributor of the brand in India).

At MSTC, you will learn from top make-up professionals, who share their technical knowledge and real-world experiences. Their passion for their craft is an inspiration for all. Armed with thorough technical knowledge, a winning portfolio and the right business skills, your choices are limitless: in films, television, runway, print work and others.

As a professional make-up artist who is trained to analyze face structures, colour palettes and skin tone, you will always love what you do – concealing flaws, enhancing strong features and transforming faces. But as the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, we hope that you decide to take that step right, which is with MSTC.

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